Does Costco Sell Printer Ink?

No, Costco does not sell printer ink. Costco only sells toner cartridges for printers, not ink cartridges. This means you cannot purchase ink cartridges for inkjet printers at Costco warehouses or on their website.

Why Doesn’t Costco Sell Printer Ink?

There are a few reasons why Costco does not offer printer ink cartridges:

  • Costco focuses more on selling wholesale goods in bulk quantities rather than small printer ink cartridges.
  • Printer ink is not a big seller compared to other products at Costco so they likely do not see it as a profitable item.
  • Ink cartridges have a short shelf life and can dry out over time. Costco may want to avoid stocking a product that could go bad sitting on store shelves.
  • There are many cheap ink options available online, making it hard for Costco to compete on price for printer ink.

While inconvenient for inkjet printer owners, Costco’s business model is geared more towards high volume staple goods rather than specialty supplies like printer ink. They can generate more profit from other categories.

What Printer Items Does Costco Sell?

Costco does sell the following printer-related items:

  • Toner cartridges – Costco sells toner cartridges for select laser printer models, primarily HP and Canon laser printers.
  • Printers – A small selection of wireless all-in-one inkjet and laser printers are sold at Costco warehouses and online.
  • Printer paper – Various multipack options for printer paper and photo paper.

So while Costco does not offer ink cartridges, you can find some printer supplies and hardware. Just don’t expect a wide range of ink options.

Where to Buy Printer Ink Instead of Costco

Here are some good options for buying replacement printer ink cartridges:

  • Direct from the printer manufacturer – Many brands like HP, Canon, and Brother sell ink on their websites.
  • Amazon – A huge selection of OEM and compatible cartridge brands.
  • Office supply stores – Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, etc. typically carry printer ink.
  • Big box retailers – Walmart, Target, Best Buy often sell basic ink cartridge packs.
  • Warehouse clubs – Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale sell more printer supplies than Costco.

Always make sure to find the right cartridge that is compatible with your printer model. Refer to your printer manual or packaging if unsure.

Tips for Buying Affordable Printer Ink

Printer ink cartridges can be expensive, especially from OEM brands. Here are some tips to save money when buying replacement cartridges:

  • Buy compatible generic cartridges instead of name brands to save up to 50%. Check reviews first for quality.
  • Purchase high-yield XL cartridges that print more pages for less cost per page.
  • Look for coupons and promo codes online before purchasing ink.
  • Sign up for rewards programs from brands like HP Instant Ink for discount pricing.
  • Consider a subscription ink service if you print frequently to save up to 50% per page.
  • Buy combo value packs with multiple cartridges to lower the per-cartridge cost.

Using these tips can help lower the ongoing cost of replacement ink and make owning a printer more affordable.

People Also Ask

Does Costco sell printer ink in store?

No, Costco does not sell printer ink cartridges in their warehouse stores. The only printer supply you’ll find in Costco stores is toner cartridges for select printer models. For genuine OEM ink cartridges or compatible options, you’ll need to shop online or visit office supply, electronics, or big box retailers.

Does Costco sell HP printer ink?

Costco does not sell HP printer ink cartridges. They only offer HP toner cartridges for some laser printer models. To buy HP ink for your inkjet printer, you’ll need to purchase it directly from HP, Amazon, office supply stores, electronics retailers, etc. Costco does not carry HP ink cartridges in-store or online.

Does Costco sell printer ink refills?

No, Costco does not offer an ink cartridge refill service. They only sell new replacement toner cartridges for a limited selection of printer models. For ink refills, check with local print shops or retailers like Staples and Office Depot, some of which offer ink refilling. But you cannot get ink refilled at Costco locations.

Is printer ink cheaper at Costco?

Costco does not sell genuine OEM brand ink cartridges or less expensive compatible ink cartridges. So printer ink is not cheaper at Costco compared to other retailers. Places like Amazon, office supply stores, warehouse clubs, and big box stores will offer lower prices on replacement cartridges than Costco.

How much is printer ink at Costco?

Costco does not sell printer ink cartridges, so there are no ink prices at Costco. The only printer-related supplies Costco sells are select toner cartridges for HP, Canon, and Brother laser printers. Inkjet printer owners will need to shop elsewhere for replacement ink cartridges and won’t find them in Costco stores.


For all your inkjet printer ink needs, you’ll have to look beyond Costco. Check printer manufacturer websites, Amazon, office supply and electronics stores for the best deals on OEM or compatible ink that works with your printer. Be sure to compare prices and yields to get the lowest cost per page.


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