Best Printer for Cricut Crafting

Whether you have a Cricut Explore, Maker, or any other Cricut cutting machine, having the right printer is crucial for unlocking the full potential of your crafting. From printing full-color images to make stickers, iron-on transfers, cards, and more, to utilizing the precise Print Then Cut feature, your printer serves as an indispensable partner to your Cricut.

But with so many printer options on the market, how do you determine what’s best for crafting and making stickers with Cricut machines? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from key factors to consider when shopping for a Cricut printer to in-depth reviews of the top models recommended by crafters.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Printer for Cricut

When evaluating printers for use with Cricut cutting machines, there are several important criteria to keep in mind:

Print Quality – Vibrant, accurate colors and crisp definition are essential for Cricut crafts. Prioritize photo inkjet printers over standard models.

Paper Handling – The printer must reliably handle cardstock, sticker paper, vinyl, and other materials without jamming. An rear tray is ideal for specialty media.

Ink System – Cartridges can be expensive over time. Look for high-yield tanks/cartridges or subscription ink plans.

Print Size – Standard 8.5″ x 11″ is fine, but expanded width for 12″ x 12″ media allows bigger crafts.

Connectivity – WiFi-enabled models with mobile/cloud printing offer the most flexibility for use with Cricut.

Print Speed – While faster is better for efficiency, print quality should still be the priority.

Brand Reputation – Stick with recognizable, reliable printer brands for consistency. With these key criteria in mind, let’s explore some of the best Cricut printer options for crafters.

Reviews of the Best Printers for Use With Cricut Machines

1. Canon PIXMA TS9521C – Best Overall for Cricut

The Canon PIXMA TS9521C stands out as the best overall choice for use with Cricut machines thanks to its winning blend of top-notch print quality, versatile media handling, convenient features, and reputation as a crafter’s printer built for Cricut.

Print Quality: With a 6-color individual ink system, the TS9521C produces gallery-quality borderless prints up to 13” x 19” in size on various paper types. Vibrant, true-to-life colors and crisp definition.

Paper Handling: Rear paper feed tray effortlessly accommodates thick specialty media like sticker sheets and cardstock up to 12” x 12” without jamming.

Ink System: Individual CLI-42 ink tanks are long-lasting and affordable to replace. Optional ink subscription plans available.

Print Size: Borderless printing up to 13” x 19” plus auto feeder tray handles 12” x 12” media. Fantastic for oversized Cricut projects!

Connectivity: WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth, USB, and mobile device printing via Canon Print app. Works seamlessly with Design Space cloud-based printing.

Print Speed: Fast color printing at 15 ISO ppm. Quality priority mode also available for gallery-level output. The TS9521C combines user-friendly operation with versatility and high performance – making it a reliable Cricut companion suitable for beginners and experts alike. It’s a smart long-term investment for the serious Cricut crafter. The added width is a game-changer!

2. Epson EcoTank ET-5800 – Best Budget Choice for Cricut

Looking to save money without sacrificing print quality? The EcoTank ET-5800 is a great affordable option. With an innovative refillable ink reservoir system, this Epson EcoTank model drives down the cost per print drastically compared to standard cartridge printers.

Print Quality: Quality results with PrecisionCore printhead nozzel configuration and optimized Epson Claria ET inks. Great color accuracy.

Paper Handling: 150 sheet front tray, 20 sheet rear feed tray easily handles cardstock, vinyl, and other Cricut materials up to 8.5”x11”.

Ink System: Refillable ink tanks provide thousands of prints worth of ink out of the box. Included bottles enable low-cost refills. Big savings!

Print Size: 8.5”x11” max print size. No borderless printing option.

Connectivity: WiFi, WiFi Direct plus USB and mobile/tablet printing capabilities.

Print Speed: Allows high-speed printing at respectable quality. 10/5 ISO ppm for black/color. For the affordability-focused crafter, the ET-5800 gives you the print quality you need for Cricut without gouging your wallet on expensive ink cartridges. It’s a great value printer.

3. HP Envy Photo 7155 – Reliable Performer for Cricut

Known for dependability and versatile functionality, the HP Envy Photo 7155 combines wireless printing convenience with the photo-centric performance needed for Cricut use. An excellent mid-range choice.

Print Quality: Vibrant, accurate color reproduction optimized for photoprinting. Sharp prints with detail. 4-color ink system.

Paper Handling: 125 sheet tray handles up to legal-size specialty media like cards and vinyl. Reliable no-jam performance.

Ink System: Optional HP Instant Ink subscription for low-cost ink replenishment. Or standard cartridges.

Print Size: Borderless printing up to 8.5” x 11”. No larger media size accommodation.

Connectivity: Dual-band WiFI, WiFi direct, Bluetooth LE, USB and hands-free mobile printing flexibility.

Print Speed: Fast print mode up to 19/17 ppm black/color ISO speeds. Quality results in default settings. For the Cricut crafter seeking wireless printing freedom with predictable quality print performance from a reputable brand, the HP Envy Photo 7155 checks all the boxes. It earns its popularity among smart shoppers. The total package printer!

4. Canon PIXMA G6020 – MegaTank Bulk Ink Model

Utilizing a high-capacity MegaTank refillable ink reservoir system, the Canon PIXMA G6020 provides an unbeatable value proposition with extremely low-cost ink and reduced waste compared to cartridge models. Fantastic print quality too!

Print Quality: Vivid, accurate colors and sharp definition with 6-ink system. Gallery-level prints rival pricier models.

Paper Handling: 150 sheets cassette plus 20 sheet rear tray for specialty media like vinyl and cardstock.

Ink System: MegaTank refillable ink tanks included impressive yields at super low cost. No cartridge waste!

Print Size: Borderless 4”x6” up to 8.5” x 11” media sizes accommodated.

Connectivity: Built-in WiFi, WiFi Direct, Canon PRINT app integration. Convenient wireless functionality.

Print Speed: Somewhat slower than other Canon models but respectable at 13/6.8 ppm ISO black/color. For crafters frustrated with excessive ink cartridge costs who print frequently, the G6020 is an unmatched value with cheaper than cheap refillable ink. Reliable quality makes it great for cost-effective use alongside Cricut machines!

5. Brother MFC-J995DW – Versatile All-In-One Printer

Reliable brand? Check. Vibrant inkjet photo prints? Check. Media versatility? Check. Wireless connectivity? Check. If you’re seeking an affordable all-in-one unit with printing, scanning, copying and fax capabilities, the Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank delivers.

Print Quality: Vivid prints with 6-ink system. Comparable to more expensive photo printers. Crisp blacks and bold colors.

Paper Handling: 150 sheet front tray, 20 sheet back feed tray for specialty media. Reliable no-jam operation.

Ink System: High-yield refillable INKvestment ink tanks drive down long-term printing costs drastically. Value!

Print Size: Versatile media sizes up to 8.5” x 14” plus borderless 4”x6”/5”x7”/8”x10” prints

Connectivity: WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, USB. Plus mobile device printing.

Print Speed: ISO prints up to 25/20 ppm monochrome/color speeds. Respectable throughput. This capable Brother is fantastic for the Cricut crafter seeking to consolidate devices into a single affordable unit without compromising print quality for their projects. Reliable brand with ultra low-cost ink operation!

How to Choose The Best Printer for Your Needs

Now that you’re familiar with some of the top-rated printer recommendations for Cricut use, how do you narrow in on the perfect match for your needs and budget? It’s wise to make your own personal priority list based on must-have features versus nice-to-have add-ons. Rank the importance of criteria like print quality, paper handling, running costs, connectivity method, speed, etc. For example, some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Is wireless connectivity a priority, or is USB sufficient?
  • What is my maximum budget for both initial printer cost and ongoing operation?
  • Will I routinely print on larger specialty media like sticker sheets?
  • Do I plan to print high volume at lowest possible cost?
  • Do I need scanning/copying functionality too?

Once your needs are clearly defined, match them against printer capabilities to zone in on best fit options. Finding the perfect balance of performance, media handling, running costs and features ensures happy printing with Cricut for years to come!

How to Setup Your New Printer to Work With Cricut Machines

You’ve unboxed your shiny new printer and can’t wait to start printing and cutting amazing Cricut projects. Not so fast! Before diving in there are a few simple setup steps to ensure printing success.

Step 1: Install Ink Cartridges/Tanks

Your new printer will arrive with ink cartridges or refillable ink tanks/bottles. The installation process varies by model but generally involves:

  1. Removing protective tape and orange caps from ink cartridge bottom ports
  2. Matching color labels and gently snapping cartridges into place
  3. For refillable tank models, slowly injecting each included ink bottle into the corresponding tank port
  4. Allowing the initial ink charge/priming process to complete

Refer to the included manuals for model-specific guidance. Avoid forcing anything too firmly!

Step 2: Load Paper/Media

Once ink is installed, you’re ready to load printable material into the paper trays. Note loading orientation, printable side face up. Use the rear specialty media tray for vinyl, cardstock or sticker sheets. Avoid overloading trays past maximum ratings.

Step 3: Establish Printer Connectivity

For wireless connectivity, download the model-specific app and follow on-screen prompts to directly connect the printer to your home WiFi network. USB connectivity simply requires securely connecting a USB 2.0 (or higher) cable between the printer and your computer.

Step 4: Add Printer Within Cricut Design Space

Open Cricut Design Space on your desktop web browser or mobile app. Click the preferences icon and choose “Printers” from the menu. Click the “Add Printer” button then select your new printer model from the list if shown. Give your printer a custom name to easily identify it going forward. Close preferences and you’re ready to print! Alternatively, check your operating system’s default printer list to confirm your new printer is visible system-wide including to Design Space for cloud printing.

Step 5: Print Then Cut Test and Calibration

Accuracy is vital for cut lines to match printed graphics! Before starting an important project, run a test print/cut and recalibrate if misalignment is present. Dialing this in perfectly ensures cut precision for stickers, iron ons, cards, and more! And that’s it – you’re ready to unlock a world of printing and cutting possibilities with your Cricut machine!

How to Make Stickers with Cricut Machines

Do you dream of decorating lively stickers to share with friends, embellish household items, or even launch a small business selling your Cricut-made creations? Your cutting machine and compatible printer open a world of crafty sticker potential! From essential tools and optimal methods for applying vinyl to the best settings for cut precision when making printable stickers, here’s an A to Z guide on sticker making mastery with Cricut.

Supplies Needed

  • Cricut Machine – Any model works but Maker 3 has the most cut force
  • Cricut Design Space Software – Free web and mobile app to build/upload designs
  • Compatible Printer – For printable sticker materials, see top recommendations
  • Adhesive Vinyl – Permanent or removable. Cricut brand works great
  • Transfer Tape – For application of finished vinyl stickers
  • Printable Sticker Paper – Matte works best. Inkjet models only!
  • Cricut Tools – Weeder, scraper, spatula for applying stickers
  • Surface for Stickers – Ensure your target surface is fully clean/dry first

Method 1: Vinyl Stickers with Adhesive Backing

Vinyl offers durability for functional stickers on water bottles, laptops, etc.

  1. Design your sticker graphic in Design Space and send to Cricut cutting canvas
  2. Ensure sticky vinyl liner sides down on mat. Secure in place.
  3. Load the mat/vinyl, choose material, + start cut job
  4. Weed away excess vinyl with Cricut weeding tools
  5. Prep your transfer tape, then carefully apply tape sheet to lifted vinyl
  6. Rub firmly to adhere vinyl sticker to tape, slowly lift tape straight up
  7. Place tape/sticker in desired position on target surface and rub firmly
  8. Slowly remove transfer tape at a sharp angle, vinyl sticker will remain!

Take things slowly, allowing stickers to adhere fully before the next step. Practice makes perfect!

Method 2: Printable Sticker Paper

For photo-quality custom stickers, printable sticker sheets fed through compatible printers then precisely cut by Cricut machines enable gorgeous, cost-effective results!

  1. Design artwork in Design Space, ensuring printable area doesn’t exceed page size
  2. Select “Print then Cut” option within Design Space project
  3. Load printable sticker paper into printer rear tray, confirm material/settings
  4. Print finished design onto sticker sheet through printer
  5. Return printed sticker sheet onto Cricut mat to auto-feed cut
  6. Adjust calibration slightly if cuts don’t precisely match printed lines
  7. Weed away unprinted sticker remnants once cutting finishes
  8. Slowly peel finished printable sticker designs off backing sheet
  9. Apply onto desired smooth, clean surface. Rub firmly!

Printable sticker materials enable stunning photo quality resolution combined with the versatility and value of DIY die-cut custom shapes. Fantastic for bespoke labels, cards, scrapbooks, gifts, party favors, and reusable decorations!

People Also Ask

Still seeking clarity on key aspects of choosing a printer for your Cricut crafting needs? Explore answers to some most common questions below:

Does Cricut Work With Any Printer?

In short, yes – any existing home printer connected to your computer can interface with Cricut Design Space software for printing.

However, to unleash the full potential of features like custom printable materials, borderless prints, or Print Then Cut, an optimized photo printer designed for handling specialty media offers clear advantages.

If your current printer limits you to basic 8.5”x11” copy paper, lacks wireless connectivity conveniences, or struggles with cardstock feeding, lackluster results can happen. While virtually any printer suffices for basic everyday document printing, best practice is choosing an advanced WiFi-enabled photo inkjet model to complement your Cricut machine’s capabilities for the widest crafting versatility.

What Is The Best Printer For Making Stickers With Cricut?

The Canon PIXMA TS9521C stands above other models as the best Cricut companion printer specifically for sticker making.

Between its rear specialty media tray perfectly suited for feeding thicker sticker sheets without jamming to its superior print quality driving vibrant image resolution with 6-color inks, the TS9521C reliably handles sticker materials with ease right out of the box.

Other great alternatives like the Epson EcoTank ET-5800 lack a rear paper path best suited for smooth transport of sticky back sticker sheets. The TS9521C was designed with crafter’s sticker printing needs in mind.

Does Cricut Support Laser Printers?

Cricut machines technically support any printer for basic tasks, including laser printers. However for applications like printing on vinyl or printable sticker sheets then cutting out shapes, only inkjet models are recommended.

Due to the heat applied during the laser printing process to fuse toner to paper, laser printers can warp or melt heat-sensitive materials like window cling vinyl. Additionally, registration marks for “Print Then Cut” alignment won’t work properly using laser toners.

For best results stick with inkjet photo printers when using Cricut machines.

Can You Print Cricut Designs Without A Cricut Machine?

Absolutely! While a Cricut machine unlocks cutting/engraving physical materials for DIY crafts, many users create and print custom graphic designs using only the free Design Space software.

Cricut Design Space includes a library of images and fonts allowing users to build scrapbook layouts, cards, educational materials, custom home decor, invitations, stickers, and much more.

These custom designs can then be saved as image files or PDF prints without requiring an actual Cricut machine. Take advantage of powerful design tools without hardware commitment!

Can You Use The Same Printer for Sublimation & Cricut Print Then Cut?

We don’t recommend alternating between sublimation ink and regular ink in a single printer. Ink formulations differ between purposes, risking cross-contamination and subpar image quality.

Best practice is dedicating one printer exclusively for sublimation use, keeping a separate everyday photo inkjet printer like the Canon PIXMA models for your standard Cricut print jobs.

If purchasing a printer specifically for dye-sublimation, the Epson EcoTank ET-5800 bundled with sublimation ink is a cost-effective recommendation to keep this usage isolated from regular craft printing.


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