Best Epson Printer For Tattoo Stencils

Finding the right printer for creating tattoo stencils can be challenging. Tattoo artists need a printer that can produce high-quality, detailed stencils to transfer their designs onto skin. The stencils need to be durable yet easy to remove once the tattoo outline has been applied. Many artists are now using Epson EcoTank printers for tattoo stencil printing due to their convenience, print quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose An Epson EcoTank Printer?

Epson’s EcoTank printers are ideal for tattoo stencil printing for several reasons:

  • High page yields – EcoTank printers use large-capacity ink tanks instead of cartridges. This allows you to print thousands of pages before needing to refill, keeping costs down.
  • Print quality – Epson printers are known for excellent print quality and precision. They can capture fine details and gradients needed for tattoo stencils.
  • Low maintenance – With no cartridges to replace regularly, EcoTank printers require less maintenance.
  • Cost savings – Printing tattoo stencils with an EcoTank rather than outsourcing can lead to significant long-term savings.
  • Convenience – EcoTank printers are wireless so you can print from anywhere in the shop using a mobile device.

Best Epson EcoTank Models For Tattoo Stencils

Here are some of the top Epson EcoTank printers recommended by tattoo artists for stencil printing:

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

The Epson ET-2720 is an affordable and compact EcoTank model. Key features:

  • Prints up to 5,000 pages with included black ink bottles.
  • Fast printing speeds – up to 10 ppm black.
  • Convenient 150-sheet paper capacity.
  • Compact 13″ wide footprint – great for tight spaces.
  • Wireless printing from mobile devices.

With an MSRP under $300 including ink, the ET-2720 delivers excellent value for tattoo shops on a budget.

Epson EcoTank ET-3760

A step up from the ET-2720, the ET-3760 adds a few bonuses:

  • Larger 250-sheet paper capacity.
  • 2-sided printing to conserve paper.
  • Larger 2.4″ LCD screen.
  • SD card slot for printing photos directly.

With the same high yields and print speeds, the ET-3760 is ideal for high-volume stencil printing around $100 more than the ET-2720.

Epson EcoTank ET-4760

On the higher end, the ET-4760 takes output to the next level:

  • Prints up to 6,000 pages with included ink.
  • Faster 15 ppm black print speeds.
  • Larger 4.3″ touchscreen display.
  • 7,500 page max monthly duty cycle.

Priced around $500, the ET-4760 is built for tattoo shops cranking out high volumes of stencils each day.

How To Set Up An Epson EcoTank For Tattoo Stencils

Setting up an EcoTank printer specifically for stencil printing takes a few extra steps:

  1. Replace ink – The printers come with standard Epson ink. This needs to be drained and replaced with tattoo stencil ink.
  2. Fill reservoirs – Carefully fill the ink reservoirs using the original Epson ink bottles with the stencil ink.
  3. Set paper settings – Configure the printer for tracing paper by setting the paper type and weight.
  4. Adjust print settings – Enable any high-quality print modes for maximum detail.
  5. Print test stencil – Print a test stencil and apply to skin to ensure quality.

Be sure to use an inkjet tattoo stencil ink designed specifically for EcoTank printers. Standard inks can clog the print heads.

Tips For Best Results

Follow these tips when printing tattoo stencils on an EcoTank printer:

  • Use smooth tracing paper made for stencils – at least 60lb weight.
  • Set the paper type to “plain paper” and weight to 60-70lb in the printer settings.
  • Print at highest quality mode – turn off any “draft” or “economy” modes.
  • Clean the print head occasionally to prevent clogging.
  • Allow stencil to dry for 15-20 minutes after applying to skin.
  • Replace stencil ink every 1-2 years to prevent sediment buildup.

People Also Ask

What is the best Epson printer for tattoo stencils?

The Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is considered the best Epson printer for tattoo stencils. It combines fast print speeds up to 15ppm, a high 6,000 page ink yield, and a large touchscreen display. The ET-4760 can handle the high volumes needed in a busy tattoo shop.

Can you use regular printer ink for tattoo stencils?

No, regular inkjet printer ink should not be used for tattoo stencils. You need a special inkjet stencil ink designed for EcoTank printers. Standard ink can clog printer heads. Stencil ink is formulated to apply smoothly to skin and wash off easily.

What is the best paper for printing tattoo stencils?

A smooth tattoo tracing paper or vellum paper around 60lb weight works best. You need paper that is translucent enough for tracing lines but thick enough to feed through the printer smoothly without jamming.

How much ink does an Epson EcoTank printer use for stencils?

The larger EcoTank models like the ET-4760 can print around 6,000 pages per bottle set. A 4oz bottle of stencil ink yields around 500-800 stencil prints. Exact usage depends on image size and ink density.

Should I get an all-in-one EcoTank or single function printer?

A single function EcoTank printer rather than all-in-one model is recommended for tattoo stencils. The simpler design requires less maintenance and has fewer parts that can break over time.

Best Epson Printer For Tattoo Stencils

Epson’s EcoTank printers provide an economical, high-quality solution for printing tattoo stencils. Models like the ET-2720, ET-3760, and ET-4760 are purpose-built for the demands of a tattoo shop. Be sure to use the proper inkjet stencil ink and paper to achieve crisp, detailed stencil prints. With the right setup, an Epson EcoTank printer can save artists time and money compared to outsourcing stencils.


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